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Shailen has that exhilarating curiosity to observe the world and the desire to “get lost”—the precise combination that fuels writers to a genuine depth of language. His poetry and film collaborations are already propelling him to challenge traditional narratives. Shailen knows: how you say it is how you compete.

-  Michelle Dove, Duke University English Department

I send out a weekly email blast to ~300 students as president of NAMI. Check out my process planning, writing, and editing online content here.

We leaves may know how the eddies change our movements, and how the tree trunks cause the eddies. We leaves may know from where the boulders came, and on what ground the trunks once stood, but leaves are leaves are leaves in the river, and the leaves will flow nonetheless.

A labyrinth of lights and lies, a maze of money and machine. Carpet floors, low ceilings, pull the lever, taste the feeling. Worship sin and be our prey. Genuflect to greed and pray. Stay and play, the people say. Stay and play, stay and play…

The most compelling framework lies within one of Cao’s concessions—that the brain is a mess of tangled biological material, and all parts comprise its functional units—indeed, the perfect map is that which is being mapped.


I've created 60 short films.

Over the past three years, I've amassed an audience of 1.2K and accumulated 40K views.

Here are some of my favorite projects:

We Love You


A Kite Without a String

Teksumo Tomfoolery


A Spanish Castillo

Dance through Everything

The Woods are Lovely

Number 9

I Miss My Memories


I've been drawing and painting for the past ten years. When working with a client, I treat the project like a conversation, integrating their creativity with mine to produce something beyond either of our expectations.

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